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Cigarette burns can be your worst nightmare. Nowadays, many seats cannot be re-covered as the fabric is chemically bonded to the foam padding leaving full replacement or SMART repair as the only conceivable options. We replace the burned fibres with new ones and carefully re-instate the pattern to match the original fabric seat as close as possible.

Smart Auto Solutions can also offer a full trimming service for customers that maybe are refurbishing a classic car and may need to replace a convertible hood or the interior seats and door cards retrimmed in coded leather with carpets to match. Please ring for further details.

Deodorising System - Smart Auto Solutions can also offer our customers an effective way of removing all those unwanted smells, such as pet smells, tobacco, mould, mildew and general odours. With proven counteract ant fogging fluid, which will have no effect on the vehicles interior trim.